Temporary contracts now electronically signed

As from the 1st of October, the 48-hour rule in the temporary agency sector is abolished. Thanks to our colleague at UnifiedPost, this is now a changed law in Belgium. Because of this Federgon, a federation that is representing the temporary agency industry, created a sector platform where contracts for temporary work from now on can be signed electronically. Unifiedpost built this platform technically and provides the services. The platform takes away a lot of manual work, time and paper. Eventually, paper signed contracts will disappear completely. 

Electronically signing these contracts is an important step for temporary work for the democratisation of digitalization with almost 600.000 involved temporary workers, among which a lot of disadvantaged workers. This project is a win-win situation for temporary workers as well as for temporary work agencies.

Benefits of the platform

“The temporary workers can easily sign their contracts on one platform via smartphone, tablet or PC. With a personal login for the entire industry, the temporary worker can’t only sign single e-contracts, he or she is also provided with an overview of the employment contracts of all agencies for which he or she works or has worked for, all on this one platform” , explains Ann Cattelain, director of legal services at Federgon and coordinator of the project. “For the temporary work agencies the e-contracts mean less administrative clutter because the sending and classifying of the paper contracts (and reminders) will be history. The “timestamp”, which accurately states the hour and date of the sending and signing of the contract, creates a legal trust at both sides of the contract (employer and employee)”, Ann Cattelain states. The temporary work industry is in this case an example industry.

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